Why Do You Want to Work in Our Company?


All of us have some preferences. When it comes to choosing the right place of work, we typically do not think much though. We simply try to use every opportunity, submitting many job applications, hoping for the best. Nearly everybody does the same thing after all.

But recruiters do not want to hire someone who submits dozens of applications, someone who never thinks about the company. They want to employ people with good reasons to apply.

Proud Recruiters

Interviewers (or employers in general) often think that their company is the best one. Needles to say, this can be far from the truth. But while you are interviewed, you should support their opinion. You need to show them that they are not only another employer on your long list of job applications. Show them that they are special to you. The following answers will convince them about your “honest interest”.

Sample answers

Your company is a leader on a local retail market. On the top of that, I really like your vision and working environment, especially the ecological aspect of your production. There aren’t many companies that pay attention to this nowadays. I would be proud to work here, knowing that I participate on something good.

I have researched a lot about your company before this meeting. Your working environment has a great reputation, and your reward program really stands out. That’s why I want to work for you and not somewhere else.

Remember: Compliment them for something–for their goals, vision, philosophy, working environment, or something else you like. . . . Build good relationships with the recruiters, and strengthen your chances to succeed and get a job.

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