Why Do You Want to Become an Accountant?


A job of an accountant is a routine job. It can easily get boring–especially at entry level in a big company… In such a a case you’d take care of a limited number of tasks–the same duties every day.

Therefore it makes sense to ask job applicants about their motivations and intentions.


A scene from an interview. Two HR managers observe the job applicant closelyFocus on the present, and future

To say that you want to become an accountant because you have studied the field would indicate a must–but you should show them your desire to have an accounting job.

Speak about the future, your skills that make from you an excellent applicant, your passion for accounting (if there’s any passion burning within you), and about the value you can bring to the company. Let’s have a look at sample answers.

Sample answers

I love to do this job–recording transactions, analyzing them, and looking for legal ways of cutting tax expense for my employer. I find the filed fascinating, and that is the main reason why I have chosen career in accounting.

My goal is to become a financial manager in five years time. But I need to understand the cash flow in the company, and how things relate to each other. I have to walk the career ladder step by step. I believe that the position of an (entry level) accountant is the best possible starting position on my journey…

Every one has some skills and is good in doing something. I am good in accounting–at least my experience from school (or corporate sphere) proves that. People enjoy doing things they excel in, and hence my choice…

Remember: You should know why you want to become an accountant. If you did not know the answer, the HR managers would hardly find the reasons to hire you… Refer to your skills, abilities, career plans, and love for the job of an accountant.


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Thank you, I wish you good luck in your interview!


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