Which Accounting Software Are You Familiar With?


man working on his old laptop, with the latest accounting softwareEach accounting software has a different user interface, and working with one does not guarantee you’d handle a different one. I suggest you to emphasize your great computer intelligence, saying that you would learn to work with any software. On the top of that, you can say how long you have been working with different packages for accountants (if you have worked with any), and what advantages did you observe while working with them.

Sample answers

I have experience with NetSuite and Zoho. I worked with both of them for about a year, including creating year-end financial statements and balance sheets. However, I believe that I am able to learn to work with any software, as I learned to work with Zoho in just a few days.

I have worked only with QuickBooks. I like it for its speed, accuracy and simple user interface. However, if there is a need to work with any other program, I am ready to learn it, even in my free time.

I have not worked with any accounting software so far. My mind, hand, and calculator sufficed for all tasks we dealt with at school. However, I can work pretty well with common Office software, and I believe it would be easy for me to learn to work with any accounting software.

A difficult interview

Accountant job interview belongs to the most difficult interviews. Tough behavioral and technical questions will test both your communication and accounting skills. What is more, you will compete with many other job seekers, since it is a very popular job field.

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Caren Mayers, Professional Recruitment Consultant & Interview Coach