What Was the Toughest Accounting Task You Had to Solve in Your Career so Far?


Accountant is working on a difficult taskInterviewers try to assess two things with this question:

  • Your real level of experience. (Everyone with some experience in accounting had to solve difficult tasks sometimes. Oppositely, people who did it at school only, struggle to come up with any difficult tasks they had solve.)
  • The way you think about problems and solving it. (Once you describe the toughest task, interviewer will for sure ask for the solution.)

Choose a task you solved

This is the most important thing to remember. If you presented a task you did not solve, it would create a bad picture about your accounting skills. Just think about it… Therefor, you should prepare a good description of both the task, and the solution.


What if I have no experience with difficult tasks?

You should do your research on “difficult accounting problems”. You will find many problems that are tough to solve (our interview guide offers few too, solution included). You can create your own problem according to it and try to solve it and talk about it in your interview.

At the end of the day, if you apply for an entry level accountancy job, you can be honest and say you have no experience with solving difficult tasks. However, do not forget to say what you would do if you were facing one:

I have no experience with tough accounting tasks. I was able to solve everything, using my knowledge and IAS. However, if there was a difficult task I was not able to solve, I would consult one of my more experienced colleagues, or I would try to find the solution on the internet. I am member of several accounting forums, it would help.

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