Why Do You Want to Become an Accountant?


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Why did you choose this career?”,Why accounting?”, “Why do you want to become an accountant?” – You can expect one of these questions at the beginning of your interview.  We will help you to understand why the recruiters give it to you, what you should focus on, and how to answer it.

First rule: Do not refer to the past

Many job applicants use one of the following answers:

I have studied accounting at the XYZ University. That’s the reason why I want to pursue this career.

I have always worked as an accountant, so I want to pursue my career.

Referring to the past would be a mistake in your interview. It would sound like a must, not a desire, not a wish to have this job. Such an answer would simply not present the right attitude. You should talk about the future, your career goals, redispositions and skills. Let us show you some good answers:

Cutting expenses in legal way is my passion. I love to do a job of an accountant, with all daily tasks that belong to this job.

I want to become a financial manager. However, I need to understand the basics first, the financial processes and all the numbers in the company. I believe that I can acquire this knowledge as a corporate accountant.

We all have some skills and we are all good in doing something different. I have always been good in accounting, and people like to do what they are good at. That’s the simple reason for my career choice.

Remember: You should know why you want to become an accountant. If you did not know it, how could an employer find it out? Do not refer to your past. Refer to your skills, abilities, career plans, and love for the job of an accountant. 

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