What Is Your Opinion on Creative Accounting?


Creative young accountantWe know two types of accountants. The first do their job, nothing more. Not a single move. They keep record of all transactions, ensure the books are in tact, and they prepare financial reports in time. Not bad actually. . . .

We know another kind of accountants, however, those who strive to bring an extra value to the company, those who go above and beyond of all expectations. They give suggestions to the managers, they look for legal holes in the system, and they use creative accounting to save money of their employers and their clients.

To which group do you want to belong? Companies always prefer to hire the second type, especially for intermediate and senior positions. If you want to enjoy a great career and an astounding salary, you should try to become a creative accountant who does not think about their paycheck only, accountant who cares about the employer. Do not hesitate to admit that you (would) apply creative accounting.

Show them that you have guts, that you care for their profits. But at the same time, you should ensure them that you would not do anything that could harm the reputation of their company, or result into a penalty. Let’s have a look at good answers.

Sample answers

I believe that a good accountant should use all legal methods to help their employer to save money and improve cost efficiency. I like to apply creative accounting, and I also study regularly and strive to find new ways of legally cutting tax expenses.

I support creative accounting. At the end of the day, here lies the bottom line. A computer program can take care of bookkeeping, but only a good accountant can analyze things and find ways of improvement, of reducing expenses. Having said that, I would never do anything that could cause damage to the company and I would always consult the managers before doing anything risky.

Tip: If you want to impress them with your answer, you can think about a practical application of creative accounting. Talk about something you did to cut the expenses.

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