What Is Your Opinion on Creative Accounting?


Creative young accountant

There are two types of accountants. First one is represented by people who only do their job. They keep record of every transaction, keep the books clear, and complete, and they prepare financial reports when someone asks them to do so.

However, there is also another type of an accountant – the one who tries to bring some value to the company. That is the one who tries to give suggestions to the managers, the one who looks for legal holes in system, and the one who actually creates something.


And that should be you! It should be you, because companies prefer to hire this type of people, rather than accountants who only do their basic job and go home… You should be the one who tries to bring the value; the creative mind who does not think only about their paycheck, but also about the end result for the employer.

I suggest you to speak nicely about creative accounting, and show some enthusiasm for the idea.

Show them that you have guts, and care for their profits. But at the same time, ensure them that you would not do anything that could harm the reputation of the company, or result to a severe penalty (small penalties are sometimes worth the risk…).

Sample answers

I believe that a good accountant should do everything possible, use all available methods, legal and safe, in order to help their employer to save money. That’s why I like creative accounting, and I always look for new ways of implementing it, discussing it in utmost confidentiality with my superiors.

I am a supporter of creative accounting. Even a computer can take care of financial reporting and bookkeeping.  However, a good accountant is able to analyze things, find ways of cost reduction, and use the knowledge in their job. On the other hand, I would never do anything that can cause damage to the company, or to their reputation.

Special Tip: If you want to impress them with your answer, you can think about a practical application of creative accounting. Talk about something you did to cut the expenses.

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