How Do You Ensure You Make No Mistakes in Work?


People are double-checking financial reports

Mistakes can prove extremely costly in certain jobs, and accountant belongs to this group.

While it is impossible to never make a mistake, you should convince the employer that you do your best to minimize the number of mistakes you make in job.

There are many ways how to ensure about doing that.

  • Double-check everything and triple-check the most important records.
  • Use both paper and accounting software, to be able to compare results of your calculations.
  • Consult someone more experienced in difficult situations.
  • Check IAS and IFSR when you are not sure.
  • Always let your sub-ordinate, or your colleague, to do the same thing as you do, so you can compare results of your calculations.

Sample answers

Everyone makes mistakes. However, I try my best to avoid them, especially when I prepare balance sheet or profit and loss account. While doing that, I focus fully on my job, never listening to music, or having something else running on my desktop. I also double check everything with my calculator, in order to be sure I did not make a simple mistake. At the end of the day, total assets and liabilities must be equal, what is a natural final check for every accountant.

I do not do many mistakes. If I am not 100% sure about a record, I always consult one of my colleagues or friends (experienced accountants). I have good knowledge of IAS and work with them often, in order to ensure accuracy of my calculations.

I don’t pretend to be impeccable. I make mistakes. However, I do not do it when it comes to financial reporting, as I understand that a mistake can cause a real mess, and lead to a wrong decisions of managers who analyze the financial reports, and take decisions accordingly. I understand the importance of my work and always double check everything.


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