How Do You Ensure You Make No Mistakes in Work?


Two accountants are sitting at a table together, comparing the results of their calculations. We can see only their hands and papers they work on.

While it is impossible to never make a mistake, you should convince the interviewers that you do your best to minimize the number of mistakes.

There are several ways of doing that:

  • Double-checking every transaction and triple-checking the most important records.
  • Using both “pen and paper” and accounting software, comparing the results of your calculations.
  • Consulting someone experienced anytime you are not sure.
  • Checking IAS and IFSR when other solutions fail.
  • Letting your sub-ordinate, or colleague, to do the same things you do (speaking about the most important tasks), and comparing their results with yours.

Sample answers

Everyone makes mistakes. However, I try my best to avoid them, especially when I prepare balance sheet or profit and loss account. I focus only on the job, and I double check everything with my calculator, in order to be sure I did not make a stupid mistake. At the end of the day, total assets and liabilities must be equal, what is a great and simple final check for every accountant.

I do not make many mistakes. If I am not 100% sure about a record, I always consult one of my colleagues or friends (experienced accountants). I have good knowledge of IAS and I work with them often to ensure the accuracy of my records.

I don’t pretend to be impeccable. I make mistakes. However, I do not do them in financial reporting, becasue I understand the consequences a simple mistake would have. Therefore I double check everything and submit the report to the managers only when I am 100 percent sure about them.

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