How Do You Ensure You Make No Mistakes in Work?


People are double-checking financial reportsPeople make mistakes. In some jobs, however, mistake can prove costly for an employer. While it is impossible to avoid mistakes completely, you should try and convince the employer that you do your best to minimize the number of your mistakes.

To achieve it you can say that you:

  • Double-check everything and triple-check the most important records.
  • Do your work on paper and on computer to compare results.
  • Consult someone experienced when you are not 100% sure about something.
  • Look into IAS and IFSR for confirmation of your opinions.
  • Let your sub-ordinates, or your colleagues, to do the same tasks as you do, to ensure about the results.

Sample answers

Everyone makes mistakes. However, I try my best to avoid them. First of all, I focus on my job only, never listening to music, or letting something else to disturb me. Secondly, I always double check everything important with my calculator, to be sure I did not make a wrong record.

I do not make many mistakes, but I understand everyone can make some. If I am not 100% sure about something, I always consult my colleagues or friends (experiences accountants). I have also a good knowledge of IAS and work with them often.

I make mistakes, but not when it comes to accounting and financial reporting. I focus on my job, pay attention to details, and always double-check everything.

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