Why Do You Want to Become an Accountant?


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To ask “Why did you choose this career?” or “Why accountancy?” or “Why do you want to become an accountant?” is a typical starting question in nearly every interview. We will help you to understand why recruiters ask it, what to focus on and how to deal with it. Some sample answers follow…

First rule: Do not talk about your past

Many applicants choose to use one of the following answers:

I have studied accounting at the University. That’s why I want to become an accountant in your company. After all, what else should I do with my qualification?

I always worked as an accountant, so I want to pursue my career. There is no reason for a change now.

Referring to the past is a mistake. It sounds like a must to be an accountant, not a desire. It simply presents a bad attitude. Therefore, you should talk about the future, career goals, good predispositions and skills as your principal motivation to become an accountant. Let me show you several good answers:

To cut tax expenses in a legal way is my passion. I love to do a job of an accountant with everything that belongs to it.

My goal is to become a financial manager one day. However, I believe that I need to understand the financial processes firstly and work with all the numbers in the company. I believe that I can acquire this knowledge working as a corporate accountant and that is the reason of my job application.

Every one of us has some skills and predispositions. I am good in accounting, I have always been good in it. People like to do what they are good at, and that’s the simple reason of my preference. I believe I can be an asset for a company like an accountant.

Remember: You should have an idea why you want to become an accountant. If you did not have it, how could an employer know? Please, think about it for a while and prepare a good answer to this question. Do not refer to your past. Refer to your skills, abilities, future career growth and love for the job. That’s what they want to hear from a good accountant.

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