Which Accounting Software Are You Familiar With?


Accountant working with the softwareSome questions are not as simple as they seem on the first glance. For example the one about accounting software… It may seem that all you should do is to name the applications you can work with. However, this wouldn’t be the best answer.

You have no idea which software the company uses. Accounting packages differ a lot and while you can work with one, you might not be able to work with the other one immediately. User interface can be completely different too. That’s why it is important to mention not only the programs you can work with, but also put emphasis on your computer intelligence and belief that you can learn to work with any software quickly.

If you have no experience with accounting software, stick to the same strategy. Try to convince them that because you understand the principles of accounting and have computer intelligence, you will manage to work with the software they use.

Sample answers

Nice young accountant I have experience with NetSuite and Zoho. I worked with both applications for about a year, including creating year-end financial statements and balance sheets. However, I believe that I am able to learn to work with any software quickly, as I learned to work with both of these just in few days time.

I worked only with QuickBooks. I like it for its speed, accuracy and simple user interface. However, if there is a need to work with any other software, I am willing to stay in work after regular hours, in order to learn to work with it as quickly as possible.

I have not worked with any accounting software so far. I always preferred my own mind, pen and calculator. However, I can work pretty well with all common MS Office programs and I believe my computer intelligence is quite good. Therefore I think it would be no problem for me to learn to work with any software you use here.

What to say at the end?

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