Describe a Time When You Helped to Reduce Costs at a Previous Accountant Job


Accountant reducing costsThere are several duties of an accountant, regular duties that differ all the time. However, the real goal of this employee is the same in every company – to reduce costs, in a legal way.

It’s often called “Cost Accounting” and some companies employ professionals that collect, analyze, summarize and evaluate various alternative courses of action the managers can take, in order to minimize the expenses and maximize the savings. The name of the role is “Cost Accountant”. However, each good accountant should be able to give some advice on how to reduce expenses and maximize savings of the business. Are you ready to do it?

Talk about a situation from the past

It is a behavioral question. They inquire about the situation from the past and that makes it a bit tricky. You should search in your memory and find a situation in which you really helped your employer to reduce expenses. Can’t you find one?

Well, we could give you many examples of it, but such information exceeds limits of free part of this website. Maybe you will find it on the next page of our website. We will see…

Is this your first job application?

Man working of some cost effective accounting at the computerIf you have not worked as an accountant before, it would be impossible to speak about a situation from the past. So, what to do in that case? You should still have some idea on how to help the employer to minimize expenses and maximize profits. The most simple one is connected to making right purchases at a right time, which is connected to depreciation methods. However, we will talk more about this on other pages…

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