Do You Possess Any Knowledge of Accounting Standards?


Accountant carries lot of books with standardsSooner or later, they will ask you a technical question. Accounting standards are important, and they evolve all then time.

To say just, “yes, I have a knowledge of the standards”, would not help you much, however, because this question have typically a second part. If you said you knew the standards by memory, they would ask you something about them, for example, “explain the latest changes to IAS”.

It is impossible to know it all

Employers should know (and sometimes they really do know) that the accounting standards represent a complex and wide issue. While they can give you a practical question, they should not ask you something like, “tell me the content of IAS 19″.

Good accountant should be able to find what they need for their job. But it is impossible to know everything. You should convince them that you have a good source (for example here) to check IAS (or IFSR) and to quickly find the correct and updated information.

However, if you find some time to check the recent changes in the standards, and present them in an interview, it will be a big plus for you. Such behavior demonstrates that you really care about your job.

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