Accountant Interview Guide

45 pages long eBook for people who want to ace their accounting interview.

By Caren Mayers, Consultant at HW Search (Financial recruitment agency) & lead author of



Dear job seeker,

Are you ready to answer the following interview questions brilliantly?

– What was the toughest accounting task you had to solve in your career?

– Describe a time when you had to explain a complex accounting issue to someone without an accounting background.

– What do you hate about this job?

– This job is repetitive. What would motivate you to do it well every day?

– Why should we hire you, and not someone else?

It is not easy, is it? It can be very easy, with my Accountant Interview Guide.

See the sample from the eBook below

—–Start of the sample from Accountant Interview Guide—-

15. Describe a time when you had to explain a complex accounting issue to someone without an accounting background. How did you help your audience to understand?


Hint: The interviewers want to hear from you that you know how to talk to people from other departments of the company, and that you have an ability to explaining difficult things in a simple way, or in their own language.

I suggest you to mention that you are always patient when explaining things to other people, that you try to use the language they should understand, and do not hesitate to use pictures, charts and practical examples to make things easier for people who lack financial background.

Sample Answers:

When I started my last job as an accountant in a small company, I asked the boss to provide me all invoices, budgets and financial statements. While studying the documents, I found several ways of cost reduction. Other people from the company had to change a way they spend money, and they had to modify certain transactions. Other staff members had no knowledge of accounting, or taxes. In order to present my idea as clearly as possible, I prepared charts and case studies. I used simple words, no terminology. I showed them how much money we could save on taxes, if they just did some purchases in a different time, or changed the way they invoiced the clients. I demonstrated everything on practical examples, using a lot of numbers and pictures. Other staff members understood my idea, they liked it, and we implemented it straight away.


As it goes about my first job application, I have never been in such a situation. If it happened, however, I would prepare a PowerPoint presentation with charts and illustrations, and try to explain the people the issue in their own language.

——End of the sample——–


That was just one interview question. A small fraction of 45 pages long, highly specialized eBook for job seekers,  in which you’ll find:

  • Brilliant sample answers to twenty most common interview questions for accountants.
  • Tailored resume writing tips.
  • Personality test with right answers to the test questions.
  • Guide on how to identify the value you can bring to the employer, and how to demonstrate it in your interview.
  • Two winning interview strategies you probably haven’t heard about yet
  • Interview follow-up advice.
  • Practical case studies and technical questions.
  • … and much more

All information from someone who interviewed more than 1,000 applicants for various accounting jobs.  Can you imagine anything better to help you get this job? I can’t…


See yourself what the fellow accountants think about it:

Amanda Fribier - accountantI have tried to get a job for the past six months. They always invited me for an interview, because I had the right qualification, but someone else got the job. Two weeks ago, however, I found your eBook and it opened my eyes. I saw the mistakes I had made in my past interviews. I avoided making the same mistakes again, while interviewing at Ernst & Young. Long story short, they offered me a full time job contract.

Amanda Fribier, United States

I finally understood why I failed time and again in the interviews. Your answers to tough interview questions helped me to relax in the meetings with the HR managers, and I finally got an entry level accounting job.  Sending greetings from Montreal.

Michel Dickens, Canada


I was looking for some advice prior to my accounting interview at Deloitte. I found your eBook and I decided to purchase it. It was definitely the right decision! Most questions I got in my first and second interviews were analyzed and answered in your book. I had a lot of confidence in my answers, and progressed to the final round, where they offered me a full time job contract. Thank you Caren!

Helen Crowitzki, United States

From: Caren Mayers
Atlanta, GA, United States
Tuesday, 31st January 2017

Dear Job Seeker,

Still not convinced?

I have been working at HW Search, a financial recruitment agency, for the past eight years. I interviewed more than one thousand applicants for entry level, intermediate and senior accounting positions. Let me tell you something:

Interview for a position of an accountant is one of the toughest interviews. We will ask you personal, situational, behavioral and technical questions, and you will have to present your opinions, demonstrate the value you’d bring to the company, deal with a tricky personality test, and solve practical case studies.

I have seen many people fail in the interviews. But …

  • They failed not because they lacked the qualification.
  • They failed not because they were stupid.
  • They failed not because they could not handle their job.

Most of them failed simply because they had no idea about how to sell themselves in an interview, and what the interviewers wanted to hear from them.

How could they succeed? They were fresh graduates, employees, young people … in all good means. But they were not good in the art of acing an interview. That wasn’t their field of expertise… Nobody told them what to do, what really mattered, what questions they should expect, and what answers they should choose. They failed. . . .

Times have changed, however, for everyone. I started to coach people on how to succeed in their interviews, and I wrote an eBook that can help people like you to get this job.

Accounting interview

  • I am going to show you brilliant answers to twenty most common interview questions for accountants. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh graduate, or a seasoned professional with ten years of experience. There is a good answer for everyone!
  • I am going to demonstrate on practical examples how to flourish in personality test and solve case studies.
  • You will learn you how to make a great impression on your interviewers.
  • To summarize it, I will show you how to ace your interview for accounting job, from start to finish!


Ready to take the most important step towards a coveted job contract?


Accountant Interview Guide

  • Format: eBook (.pdf format, you can read it on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or kindle, or you can print it)
  • Author: Caren Mayers
  • Pages: 45
  • Updated for 2017, latest update: 8th October 2017
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Interview for accounting position does not have to be stressful or difficult. You can be the one who interviews with confidence and gives brilliant answers to all interview questions. Download the guide today and ace your interview!

My friends told me I was young, and would not get a job of Internal Auditor. But I did not let them discourage me. I did more than the other applicants did, buying your eBook and hiring an interview coach. I felt really good in the interviews ever since, and after a few attempts I was offered a position of an Internal Auditor in a local automotive company. This is a great start for my career. Thank you Caren!

Miranda Walkers, United States

General interview preparation is not sufficient.

You need to prepare especially for accounting interview.

With this eBook:

  • You will impress your interviewers, telling them exactly what they want to hear.
  • You will respond to all tough questions with brilliant interview answers.
  • You will be the one who gets the call after the interview.


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Test it out for yourself. Try my professional Interview Guide in your next interview. Once you’ve tried it, I’m confident you’ll keep it forever and will be more than happy about your purchase. But if not, all you have to do is to ask for a refund. There’s really nothing you can lose with your purchase.


Caren Mayers,

Your personal job interview coach

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